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october 2010 - Toronto

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Main Content Inline SmallI am excited about exhibiting a number of my typewriters at Toronto’s International Festival of Authors (IFOA), at Harbourfront from Oct 20th-30th.
IFOA information is shown below.

If you live in Toronto or find yourself in town during the IFOA, please come and see the exhibit. You might just bump into a famous author while looking at the 'literary pianos'.

I would like to thank the many people who complimented the first newsletter and website, from collectors to curators, magazine editors and fans of the industrial art of antique typewriters. It is great to share one’s passion.

The collection can be seen at www.antiquetypewriters.com. To learn how the collection can be utilized, read the Interested in more section.

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Antique typewriters on display in Toronto

Antique typewriters, from the Martin Howard Collection, will be on display at the International Festival of Authors, Harbourfront, Toronto, October 20th - 30th, 2010.

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This is what Margaret Atwood tweeted about the collection: "Calling all Gadgetgeeks! Very early days of keyboards: www.antiquetypewriters.com
It's like the Jurassic Shales of Typewriters! Incredible!"

Now in its 31st year, the IFOA brings together the best writers of contemporary world literature for 11 days of readings, interviews, lectures, round table discussions, and public book signings each October.

"I was delighted to learn of Martin's extensive and diverse typewriter collection. We are even more delighted to be able to showcase a portion of his holdings at the International Festival of Authors," said Geoffrey E. Taylor, Director of the IFOA.

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The Pentagon called one day...

Main Content Inline SmallIt was earlier this summer when I picked up the phone and the friendly woman on the other end said that she was calling ‘from the Pentagon, Arlington Virginia. I was intrigued that she felt the Arlington Virginia bit was necessary.

She was inquiring whether I would be able to advise and supply her with four 1940s typewriters. She wanted them for a recreation of a Pentagon office as it might have looked in 1943 when the Pentagon was built.
I realized that this was a job for me, not just in providing the typewriters but in acquiring all the artifacts for this interesting project. During the half hour conversation I expressed my desire to help source 1940s desks, lights and so on, and she loved the idea.

It took the rest of the summer for questions to be answered and proposals to be assessed before I finally got the go ahead during the last week of September. There was one question though that seemed to pop up on a few occasions somewhere in the halls of the Pentagon, which was essentially "Why are we going to a Canadian?" I never heard the answer but am delighted that they did just that.
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The Collection

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This major collection of typewriters from the 1880s and 1890s contains many rare and historically important machines, showing some of the very earliest efforts to create a 'type writing' machine. The variety, ingenuity and designs of these first typewriters are remarkable.

The collection has been built by Torontonian Martin Howard over twenty years and has been exhibited at museums, featured in national newspapers, magazines, films and seen on television.

The Royal Ontario Museum created an exhibit in 2007 called 'Early Typewriters - Gateway to the Information age' featuring twenty typewriters from the collection. Due to its popularity, the exhibit was extended to a full year,

In this age of the computer, we have a strong collective experience towards typing and nostalgia for the typewriter. William Thorsell, CEO and General Manager of the Royal Ontario Museum, expresses the relevance of the collection as follows:

"The (Howard) collection illustrates mankind’s search for a solution to a challenge, the intriguing avenues explored, the beautiful means by which they were expressed and the technical proficiency of the age. The invention of the typewriter also speaks to social change, and the explosion of communications means in the 19th and early 20th Centuries." Small Hr

Interested in more?

  • Exhibits and Displays
  • Interviews
  • Props
  • Press Kit
  • Print ready articles
  • Prints for framing
  • Digital photos for art and advertising
  • Sales, acquisitions, assessments & restoration

Mr. Howard is also always interested in new and interesting opportunities.

Martin Howard
416-690-7432 Toronto (EST)

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