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AUGUST 2010 - Toronto

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Main Content Inline SmallI'd like to share my collection with you.

With a love of old machinery, collecting antique typewriters has been a great adventure these past 20 years.

The collection, the largest of its kind in Canada, has been exhibited at museums and featured in television, radio, magazines, film, and the national newspapers. This newsletter will present the collection to new audiences and keep those who know informed. With an expanded awareness of the collection, these remarkable typing machines will hopefully be seen by many more.

For more information, please see the Interested in more section at the bottom of the newsletter.

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The new website is online!

Main Content Inline SmallI’m pleased to announce the launch of my new website antiquetypewriter.com.





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Upcoming event:
'Age of Arousal' at the
Shaw Festival,

July 23rd to October 10th.

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Four typewriters from the collection will be displayed in the lobby of the Shaw Festival Theatre during the run of Age of Arousal by Linda Griffiths.

These typewrites are primary examples of the typewriters that were used by the first professional typists in the mid 1880s and reflect the period and setting of the play.

It’s 1885 in Age of Arousal, and in London there are half a million more women than men. Mary, an ex-suffragette, has opened a secretarial school for women to teach liberation through typing. When three sisters sign up, unexpected passions and secret desires are unleashed as they each learn what being a New Woman can truly mean.

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The Collection

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This major collection of typewriters from the 1880s and 1890s contains many rare and historically important machines, showing some of the very earliest efforts to create a 'type writing' machine. The variety, ingenuity and designs of these first typewriters are remarkable.

The Royal Ontario Museum created an exhibit called 'Early Typewriters - Gateway to the Information age' that featured twenty typewriters from the collection. The exhibit was extended to a full year, due to its popularity.

In this age of the computer, there is a strong collective experience that we have towards typing and nostalgia for the typewriter. William Thorsell, CEO and General Manager of the Royal Ontario Museum, expresses the relevance of the collection as follows:

"The (Howard) collection illustrates mankind’s search for a solution to a challenge, the intriguing avenues explored, the beautiful means by which they were expressed and the technical proficiency of the age. The invention of the typewriter also speaks to social change, and the explosion of communications means in the 19th and early 20th Centuries." Small Hr

Interested in more?

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Mr. Howard is also always interested in new and interesting opportunities.

Martin Howard
416-690-7432 Toronto (EST)

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