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Stenograph 1 - third form

Stenograph 1 - third form

United States Stenograph Co., St. Louis, Missouri
1884 - serial no.2809 - view patent

This third and final form of model 1 had evolved from the first form, notably with the presence of an elegantly painted cast iron base. The keyboard and the five dash code remained unchanged.

The second form of model 1 is much closer in design to the third form. Principally, it differs in having a concave curve in the front section of the cast iron base, as opposed to the protruding one seen here.

Note the paper roll holder that dispenses the strip of paper for printing.

Within the fine leather case is a piece of paper, stuck inside the lid, with a most dutiful message that reads 'A brave endeavor to do thy duty, what e'er its worth, is better than life with love forever -- and love is the sweetest thing on earth.' -- Jas Jeffery Roche

This Stenograph was sold for $40.