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The Daugherty Typewriter Co., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
1893 - serial no.1410 - view patent

This elegant elongated typewriter pioneered the essential elements of the modern typewriter, with four rows of keys, front-strike visible typing, and a single shift key. However, the Underwood typewriter would steal the show soon after in 1896 by having the same optimum design features as the Daugherty but in a much better functioning machine.

SEE WHAT YOU ARE DOING. That's what you can on the Daugherty-Visible Typewriter.

DON'T YOU BELIEVE IT! A "Blind" Machine will not give as much satisfaction. Accept no substitute for visible writing. There's but one that has it Absolutely all the Time. The "Daugherty - Visible" Typewriter.

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Daugherty Daugherty Daugherty Daugherty

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Daugherty Daugherty Daugherty Daugherty

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Daugherty Daugherty