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Postal 3 - sold

Postal 3 - sold

The Postal Typewriter Co., Norwalk, Connecticut
1902 - serial no.5977

I have decided to sell my Postal 3 typewriter that has been in my collection for many years. It is in excellent original condition and comes with its lovely bentwood lid.

This intriguing portable uses an interchangeable type-wheel (similar to that of a Blickensderfer) which allowed one to change the font style with ease.

Please inquire about the price.

"The Gatling Gun of Modern Commerce."

"No one can imagine how much easier and faster it is to write with a machine than with a pen, until one has tried the comparison. It is like riding and walking."

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Postal 3 - sold Postal 3 - sold

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Postal 3 - sold Postal 3 - sold Postal 3 - sold Postal 3 - sold